2 thoughts on “Role of cash is not absolute

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  2. Christy Walton Walmart Heiress only gave Walker $50,000. What she got in return was the legislation that states that in Wisconsin women cannot sue for equal pay. This was not a campaign issue or even a talking point since the Woman’s Movement of the 1960s. The US Supreme Court last year said in response to the class action lawsuit against Walmart by female employees couldn’t be brought to the Supreme court because it was too big. It would have to be taken up in smaller courts. Now former Walmart female employees in Wisconsin women can’t go to Wisconsin courts and the federal level is pretty much out, so Ms. Walton got a great return on her campaign investment. My source for donations Forbes article dated 6/9/2012. Walker’s administration is also giving Walmart more tax breaks (also known as my former pay as a public employee.) Walton is also heavily involved in privatizing education. What a Deal!!!!!