One thought on “Ain’t nobody’s business but their own?

  1. This is an incredibly depressing article. Well-written, informative and important… but still depressing, because the situation seems so intractable.

    By now, it should be blindingly obvious to everyone that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has been corrupted by massive campaign contributions. The 4-person majority is now owned and controlled by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

    Given the facts in this article, how could any reasonable person (… of any political party … ) trust the impartiality of any 4 to 3 split decision from this court?

    Every patriotic person associated with the Chamber of Commerce should be ashamed of their role in this. They must be made to see that their continued support for WMC’s corrupting actions makes them nothing less than TRAITORS. They are helping WMC to infiltrate, attack, and dismantle our government from within.

    Taxpayers spend a fortune on military defense, and but the real threat isn’t a foreign government, bomb or biological weapon. The real threat is all around us INSIDE our country, state or towns, from people and corporations who don’t understand or care about upholding key principles of American government.

    These traitors are succeeding because most of the news media are also just profit-oriented corporations that choose to not report or properly emphasize vitally important news like this. By default, the news media are complicit in the corruption and in league with the Chamber of Commerce.

    Most news media in Wisconsin conspire to keep Wisconsin voters blissfully unaware and easily swayed by WMC’s and others’ manipulative ad propaganda.

    What can an ordinary Wisconsin citizen do? The corruption gets worse every year despite intense citizen attempts to correct it (I’ve participated in some of these lost causes myself). The awful changes seem to be accelerating in speed.

    The situation seems hopeless. I’m grateful for WisconsinWatch’s reporting, but I don’t think this article’s information will ever reach most Wisconsin voters.

    If the mainstream news media continue to shirk their patriotic responsibilities, our American form of government will disappear completely, and soon.