4 thoughts on “Supreme Court opts to close some meetings

  1. I can think of several possible reasons for Republicans wanting to close these meetings prior to debate over Abrahamson’s civility proposal:

    1. The Republicans don’t want the public to be reminded again of the many past altercations between members of this court (… especially Prosser’s hands around Bradley’s neck.)

    2. The Republicans can’t trust themselves to be civil and don’t want any further public embarrassment when they lose self-control again.

    3. The Republicans don’t WANT to be civil or held to any behavior standards. They want to be free to say anything they want, regardless of how crude, self-serving, and insulting it might be.

    4. The Republicans want to ensure there are no public witnesses to the crime the next time they physically assault one of the Democratic judges. (That lack of impartial evidence worked well for them last time.)

    5. The Republicans don’t want their faulty logic and self-serving arguments exposed to the public when they vote badly on court administrative matters. They don’t want to publicly explain their decisions because they know their arguments won’t “play well” to the public.

    6. The Republicans don’t believe they need to be accountable to voters. They’ll get re-elected as long as they force the court to meet secretly and spend boatloads of (also secret) corporate money on their elections.

    Those are all possible arguments, and none of them are respectable.

    I can’t think of any valid arguments.

    Wisconsin Supreme Court justices should not be saying anything in closed door meetings that they wouldn’t say in public.

    The Republican vote on this is deeply suspicious. What are they trying to hide from the citizens of Wisconsin?

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