6 thoughts on “Justices Crooks, Bradley: Time to consider merit selection

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  2. Are our supreme court justices so out of touch with the people that they would advocate taking us out of the election process? I understand their felt need to correct course, but I’m not sure about this rush to leave voters behind. And what it would actually solve. A citizenry not invested in its government is less than a republic or a democracy.

    A State constitutional amendment taking the voter out of the process, would likely be irreversible, no matter how badly the results, or distant the damage to participation in our government.

    Correcting the abuses of money is better addressed by a federal constitutional amendment; let us disqualify corporations as persons, and sever the conjunction of money and speech.

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  5. The proposed “merit” selection would only lead to people being appointed judges by people who have gained election or appointment to their positions of power aided by special interest big money. The only way to improve the quality of judges on the court is to begin to hold them accountable to fundamental fairness/due process; some of these judges apparently believe they are above the law and see themselves as RULERS over the economically less fortunate citizens.

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