7 thoughts on “Gaps persist in campus mental health services

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  3. Terrific article, Amy, about a severe but under-recognized and under-served problem.

  4. fight the stigma of mental illness.
    Though studies show people with serious mental illness usually aren’t violent, there have been tragic exceptions
    “The best way to reduce the stigma is by educating people,” Vohl said. “We want to let people know that (mental illness) is not this inherent condition that makes people freaks, it’s not demonizing, it shouldn’t be taboo.
    Journalism sometimes fails, above are three examples:
    Women fought when we called it “the stigma of” rape, the arguments apply above. So long as you call it stigma, you are a part of the problem.
    “People with a serious mental illness are a very diverse group. Some hold doctoral degrees, teach at university. Get to know us, we are far from generic.
    What are Jews not? What are Blacks not? It is an interesting form, employed only to introduce a negative. (Not demonizing. Not taboo.)
    “Reduce the stigma of rape? I doubt women would have fallen for that one: Keep how much?
    Journalism sometimes fails, above it did.

    Harold A. Maio, retired Mental Health Editor

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  6. Great story. Very well researched and written. It should be distributed to all colleges and universities throughout the country.