6 thoughts on “Walker does it his way

  1. Scotty does it his way. Websters says: To change what is norm for personal political or religous reasons is an act of perversion. Thats Scottys way. Three strikes makes scooter and his kind full blown pervs . GOP good old pervs. Wisconsin the land of PERVERSION. Save a child expose scooter.

  2. •This is scooters way In many rural communities people are afraid of signing recall petitions. They are afraid of vindictive GOP like scott walker. Kenosha sheriff Beth attacked people gathering signatures to help the GOP. These were two seniors and one disabled person. What a tuff guy did he pull his weapon?. He has ordered his deputies to do the same. The County said the three people had the right to be public property. Kenosha has a vindictive GOP sheriff like in Phoenix Arizona. In most rural areas were the justice system is out of control. Honest people have to worry about vindictive deputies. Only in Wisconsin. It is a well know fact 99% of your police are GOP. The GOP has handed open checkbooks for the DOJ budget for decades. Just like in defense spending. The out of control judiciary in Wisconsin has the people living in fear. Just like David Koch wants. Just like in his homeland mother Russia. People are afraid to sign recall papers in the largest police state per capita in the world. Just like Koch`s mother Russia. Wisconsin courts are known for political acts and political prosecutions. Just look at the supreme court of Wississippi. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is long gone. David Koch bought it.

  3. Gov. Scott Walker on why he hasn’t always compromised: “The objective if you get elected is to do the things you said you were going to do.” THis is an outright lie as 99% of Wisconsinites know.
    It is rumored that their is a $5000 reward for a true statement or even part of a truth from walker.
    Walker admitted his cotraversal law had nothing to do with the budget when he was under Oath. Why is he still lying about it? Fitzgerald admeitted that Act 10 was all about ending the union to take out Obama and his coffers. So why do media outlets like this allow walkers documented in the federal records as an out right lie? Corporate owned media misleading the people has cost Wisconsin 39 billion plus.

    • Walker claims to be doing the things he said he was going to do.

      I query that he ever said he was planning to gut first the budget and then the unions while he was campaigning – at least i doubt he ever said that openly, as i don’t think he would have been elected on that platform.

      I didn’t follow his campaign, though.
      Did anybody else ever hear those aims of his before the election?

  4. If Wisconsin US attorney was a honest honorable person not a Protection Rackeet for his fellow republicans. Walker would be in a federal penn. A federal judge in Milwaukee in 1/2011 ordered Milwaukee county to rehired all the people Walker fired. The judge stated Walker mislead the county board on everything. The judge basicily stated Walker commit a few dozens of crimes and without any doubt abused his power. The judge stated Walker created a FALSE emergency. The judge detailed Walkers crimes. This has cost the state how many millions? Why is US attorney John Vaudruel protecting Walker and allowing him to continue his reign of terror on the seniors, poor, and or future our children. Is Vaudruels agenda protecting his GOP pals more important than our children? John stop your protection rackeet.

  5. Guys He did good, Helped WI, Go join the private sector and you behind the desk jobs and do real work then come talk to the real tax payers like myself.