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  1. The vast majority of those supporting the recall effort are driven by their hate for the Republican party and this is the divisiveness that has been created, not the Governor’s programs. I read on nearly a daily basis letters to the editor in my local newspaper and every letter cites actions by the governor that are either “union busting” or border on being illegal. The only problem with these claims is there is no verifiable evidence to them and no way to confirm that there is a direct link between the governor’s actions and the numbers/statistics they cite. There are commercials being run all over the state that claim the governor is directly responsible for the demise of many of the schools throughout the state. Yet, in the 20+ years that I have lived in Stevens Point there have been countless referendums before voters to increase the budget by the school board and not once have the teachers, or their union ever stepped forward to take a reduction in wages/benefits to help the school board balance the budget. This may be due in part because the school board is made up of former educators who are members of the union themselves and are in the hip pocket of the union. It is hypocritical for these Walker detractors to suggest that he is totally responsible for the condition of schools in the state when the governor’s programs have not been in place for and entire year yet. These are the same people who claim that the things they are doing is for the benefit of the children of Wisconsin, yet they are unwilling to make even a perfunctory effort to balance the school budgets. They have stood defiantly against the very school boards the claim to support and would rather see teachers laid off, or schools closed than take a reduction in pay, or benefits. It has been this single change to the state’s unions that has generated all the hate towards the governor and all the other fabricated claims by the recall effort are just distraction from their real goal, the removal of the Republican governor in order to elect a Democrat who will pander to the demands of the unions.

    • bdowns – you’ve obviously never sat in on a negotiations session. So many people do not understand the idea of total package settlement, which means they never understood the years teachers lost ground to other professionals during the many QEO years. I hear you complain that teachers did not volunteer pay freezes or cuts to help schools, but no mention that CEO’s didn’t forego huge bonuses to help the banking industry. Teachers and their unions have been made the target of the GOP so that uninformed talking pointers like yourself have somthing to hate and to fear and to ultimately vote against. The total package settlement was an agreement betweeen school boards and local unions for compensation. The media reports it as a percent raise. Many years, my percent raise was reported to taxpayers, but the net result was that it maintained health and retirement benefits with a net loss in salary. That is how it works – to say these union members never took a cut is misleading. They did, in an interest of maintaining health and retirement benefits that so many of you covet. Those benefits are being paid by the union members instead of salary.

    • BD you are really missing the point of the recall. Walker never campaigned on getting rid of collective bargaining. Major bait and switch. If he would have then there wouldn’t be a recall effort ( he also NEVER would of been elected).

      As a teacher our district has taken a pay freeze for 4 straight years and our union also switched insurances to help the district save money and jobs. This last year we also voluntarily paid into out pension and health care to help with our district.

      The devistating effects of the budget repair bill will not be felt for about another 2-3 years. At this point the effects are going to be brutal, but I’m sure by then the Republicans will have something else to blame it on.

      Also, where are all the jobs that Walker has created? Since he has been in office he has promised 250,000 jobs in the next 4 years. Corp. have been given 100+ million in tax breaks. What do we have to show for it? 5 straight months of job loses. Last month Illinois ranked 1st in job creation (created 30,000 jobs) while wiscoonsin was 50th in job creation (loss of 9,000 jobs) So much for Wisconsin being open for busniness! Wake up BD, Walker is destroying the middle class is Wisconsin. RECALL WALKER!

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  4. Nice job, Bill. If you have a chance, nobody has ever asked him why he really let Green have the 2006 nomination, or how he feels about that now. If he is so principle-minded, why give it up for Green?