3 thoughts on “Out-of-state donors play growing role in supporting — and opposing — Walker

  1. I love McCabe. He’s got a ticket to ride. Since the CFR he espouses will never Ever EVER be adopted, all he has to do is enthusiastically heap hyperbole. Question though – why no analysis of individual Dem donors? You come so close to objective journalism, but you’re one toke over the line, sweet Jesus, one toke over the line.

  2. Hi Timbo,

    Here at WisconsinWatch.org, we agree the story should mention the top Democratic donors. We weren’t able to list them Friday, but today we’ve updated the report to include that information.

    Stay tuned. We’re also working on some interesting graphics that summarize the money flowing from Gov. Walker’s supporters and opponents.

  3. Also missing are independent expenditures from supporters and unions. For example, in the recall races of legislators we know that MN union members chartered busses to bring volunteers to WI to lit drop, door knock and attend rallies. Is that kind of activity happening again?