7 thoughts on “Minor offenders, major consequences

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  2. Follow the money!!! Not the profits made by Corrections Corporation of America, but the share of those profits that have gone to the politicians that passed the laws allowing private prisons. In case you’re wondering about the push for ‘privatization — of anything — public prisons can’t give campaign contributions. Neither can Medicare or the Social Security Administration. These politicians may be greedy and corrupt, but they are not stupid. Campaign bribes result in stricter laws, three strikes laws, and minimum sentencing. Why else would our country have the highest rate of incarceration in the world? To pad our politician’s wallet.

  3. It’s a tough argument. On one hand this kid stabbed 2 people and at 17 he knows what he is doing. I don’t buy the he didn’t know any better argument. Tough deal for Mom and Dad but he was a danger. The argument of a 17 can’t buy a cigarette but can go to prison is a non-issue. If that is the case a better argument would be that we have 18-20 year olds fighting in Afghanistan et. al. and they can’t have a beer.

    There are plenty of 17 year old thugs on the street, they need to be treated as adults. Forget the shoplifters and other misdemeanors, but Felony is a keeper for adult prosecution.

  4. Please tell me that you understnad there is a big difference between “knowing right from wrong” and being able to resist the impulse to do the thing you are contemplating when you are 17. Because of the stage of brain development as a child (remember 18 is considered an adult) and the possibility that the brain was damaged in some way that shows itself in lack of impulse control and good decision making skills is a good reason to give a child a chance. Think of the things that you did when you were 17–do you still think those were good decisions?

  5. Where is the petition to sign? That is is ridiculous to charge a seventeen only as an adult. They are not adults, they are still in school and the parents are taking care of them. Is this really what this has come to its all about the money and not the rehabilitation of juveniles? They will be lost in the adult system or worse end up on the streets doing more crimes. The Juvenile system does teach them not to repeat and if they do then decide how they should be charged. Granted depending on crime I understand but there has to be guidelines. Aren’t we to help our children? This is insane!!

  6. Under Wisconsin & New York law, 17-year-olds cannot vote, buy cigarettes or drink alcohol. They are considered juveniles in almost every way — except when they commit a crime. This needs to change. The are juveniles & should be treated as juveniles. My condolences go out to the Gunderson family. The state of Wisconsin failed Kirk Gunderson by not providing him with the mental health services he so desperately needed. They failed Kirk Gunderzon by incarcerating him with a child sex offender. This should never have been allowed to take place. I blame our justice system.