2 thoughts on “Ad campaign comes ‘close to the line’

  1. Liberals quoting liberals. Maplight, Open Society — those are George Soros-funded 501(3)(c)s, are they not?

  2. As the records show. Wisconsin is 2 billion farther in debt. It is part of the cycle accourding to reports. Walker has not help balance anyones budget except David Kochs or the Waltons. Our anti business governor keeps handing huge monopoly corporations tax breaks and grants. This forces out or bankrupts almost every small business in the area. To say Walker is pro business insults and discust small business people. It has no truth. Monopoly businesses bankrupt it`s competition to be monopolys. Small business owners that did not get their business handed to them never support the GOP. Mommy subsidized like GOP Ron Johnson. They know Walker works for the highest bidder. Small business can not buy access to Walker like a billionaire can.