3 thoughts on “Wisconsin wetlands seen as threat to jobs

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  2. Last time I was in Green Bay I noticed that the mall in Downtown Green Bay stood empty. If it is available, why can’t that be re purposed into a Bass Pro Shop? There are sites available throughout the region that used to house strip malls. Why not recycle those?

  3. What I don’t understand is what is it about wetlands that make them desirable building sites? Is it because the land is cheap to purchase since it is nothing but a swamp? Is it because “a friend” owns the land and wants to make money developing it, but first it needs to be filled in? Is it beleived that filling wetlands is a just good thing for business and a good business practice? I don’t get it. In the case of the Bergstom property, there is a good building site not far away from this location that would not impact the wetland. Why not build the hot dog stand there?