3 thoughts on “Walker hires lawyer to defend DA who sued state

  1. This article is confusing and possibly misleading.

    The first sentence has two possible meanings. (I am giving the writer the benefit of the doubt 1st.)

    “a District Attorney” is NOT defined properly as “the DA”, therefore Ozanne could be “a district attorney,” and “the DA” could be John Doe COVER a “DA” in attempt to deceive the public.!?!? Think about it……

  2. Michigan, you have your own state to worry about, this is not of your concern! Seriously, what housing market crashed first…? Detroit!!!!! Back off, Walker is the State! Why would he hire a lawyer to fight the state (himself) and go through the re election process when he already won? Absurd, it costs too much money and we DON’T have it!

    There is a certain group, that out of respect for their humility, will not be specifically named.

    With that said,
    No stopping Truth!
    Peace…Now back to the music.