4 thoughts on “Road builders brew up public support

  1. The author overlooks the very real contribution that good roads makes to our economy. The interstate system opened all of the US to prosperity, rather than limiting goods and services and jobs to urban centers. It is disingenuous to support less consumption of fossil fuels, (a common liberal meme), and condemning us to unsafe and outdated road systems that slow traffic and burn excess fuel.. If it’s a choice between giving public sector unions a pay raise, or building that new roundabout, I’ll take the roundabout every time.

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  3. Does anyone really think that we need bypasses around every little town in Wisconsin, and that virtually every major highway should be four divided lanes? That’s where we’re headed, and we’re getting close. Of course, there’s always widening and resurfacing to keep everyone working.

    The amount we spend on highways is obscene. And the road builders come out on top no matter which party’s in power. They know how to play the game very well.

  4. When my son was in college, he worked during the summer on a road builders crew. He really enjoyed it too. He didn’t love it enough to make it a career, obviously, but he enjoyed it enough to do it for all four summers to help him financially through school. He said that the work was laborious, but that he got paid really really well for it. And I think that he appreciated being paid well for a job that took a lot of time and effort on his part. I think that he also really liked how well it paid, because it gave him more extra money than he was expecting for college.