5 thoughts on “Mining bill not a lobbying success story

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  2. Out of state donors from Gogebic Taconite LLC donated $10,000 to Wisconsin’s Temporary Governor Scott Walker and Gogebic is on the Boycott list. Block all chances of this company polluting and exploiting the resources of Wisconsin for their out of state profits. This abomination cannot proceed and the “fast track” legislation favoring Gogebic is untenable.

    Corporations buying favoritism in the local politicians is how you lose your life, and how you lose your home, and how your local environment is brought to ruin. Look at mountaintop coal mining, not just at the damage to the environment, but the influence in local law enforcement and politics. This is what Wisconsin would have to look forward to if this influence attempt is rewarded in any way.

  3. I was at a Wisconsin Bar Association symposium on mining yesterday where Mr. Pyper was one of the presenters. He didn’t disclose his lucrative lobbying relationship with the attendees and his presentation was very misleading with regard to WI’s current mining law, the law that was leaked and what is coming next. It was a real shame as the symposium included lawyers and community members from all sides of this complex issue who shared information respectfully while also identifying their associations.

  4. Never good enough Wisconsin!
    That is the attitude Wisconsin will instill in your head the minute you step into its borders. Too hot, too cold, too muggy, too windy, too much rain, too many leaves, and on and on and on they keep complaining! The green heads want everything in harmony yet their Prius, no wait, their trek bike is made of what? Metal! every thing is accomplished with something coming out of the ground. EVERYTHING! Research anything you want, and it will have an impact on something else. These are the same people that had windmills voted away because of all kinds of made up, fictional problems they sell to others. Why do people listen if its all lies? The lies are too loud. So here I am trying to see Wisconsin into another power house century. We need products that provide jobs and sense of security. Cleaning vacation homes and hoping snow will fall to be bartending to the enthusiasts is not an economical solution. Come on, lets be active in helping these companies bring us growth.