6 thoughts on “Human trafficking in the heartland

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  3. The article does not completely and accurately describe the Jermaine Rogers prosecution. Rogers was convicted of 11 serious felonies related to his course of conduct as a sex trafficker. Two cases were joined for trial – and the case that is not described in the article – involved trafficking of a child – it was charged as soliciting a child for prostitution, sexual assault of a child and child enticement because the trafficking of a child statute did not exist at the time the conduct occurred. Because this is a hidden plague on our society (and of course on the many victims) cases may not come to light until the trafficker has operated for a period of time. There are several significant state level trafficking prosecutions currently pending in Milwaukee County. Legislative changes such as the ones suggested in this article would SIGNIFICANTLY help law enforcement and prosecutors hold offenders accountable. Thank you for raising awareness on this very important topic as human trafficking is a serious problem across this state and the many victims have virtually no voice. Thank you.

    • Hi Sara, thank you for your comment! You’re correct that Jermaine Rogers had a more complicated criminal history than we described. However, the story isn’t inaccurate; we chose to focus only on the case that included human trafficking charges for brevity’s sake.

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