Documents: Supreme Court police file

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office this morning released its file on a June 13 incident between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in which Prosser allegedly put his hands around Bradley’s neck during an argument. Read the story: Justices divided over court altercation

The original story, first broken jointly by the Center and Wisconsin Public Radio, is here.

A viewer should open below, but if not the documents are also available here: Prosser vs. Bradley investigative file

4 thoughts on “Documents: Supreme Court police file

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  4. Are the WSC Justices really “divided” over whether it was a “chokehold”? I think that now, it is virtually undisputed that while there was physical contact (initiated by Justice Bradley), there was no “chokehold” as that term would be understood in plain English.

    Yes, the Justices are “divided” over some details. But we now know that not only was the contact not criminal in nature (by any of the Justices), it was also not fairly described as a “chokehold.”