13 thoughts on “Walker okays up to $500,000 for private legal fees on controversial bill

  1. Pretty on sided article but who would expect less from a liberal org such as this. All I ask is that the costs associated with all of the frivolous) Democratic challenges, be factored in to the discussion. For example, legislating from the bench with temporary restraining orders which were overturned and how much did the supreme court challenge from Democrats cost taxpayers when a clear victory was already had? This is not an issue of Walker frivolously spending taxpayer money on things like trains that wont pay for themselves and streetcars in Milwaukee (city bus??) which in both cases “multiple” private and some public transportation options are already in use.

    • Using this comment’s grammar and spelling as an example, does everyone see why we should not cut spending on education?

  2. That money could have kept the elementary school I worked at open. Kenosha will save $450,000 by closing my school. Over 200 students will be displaced because of his action. He can spend all kinds of money on his friends and himself, but he can’t be bothered with the common man.

  3. So walker is stealing another half million from the people to protect himself from his crimes against the people. Is this like jeff daimler getting a state lawyer? Evil people need high priced lawyers.

  4. TB. Wow. Defend Walker at all costs eh?

    For governing a state that is ‘broke’, he’s sure not being very frugal. He campaigned heavily on frugality and how our state was in dire financial crisis, ya know the whole ‘brown bag’ thing, the “I drive my 1998 Saturn with 200000 miles on it to work everyday” thing…

    Yet he won’t walk the walk.

    • Well said Terry. Walker repeatedly stated the “Wisconsin is Broke” mantra and preached about “fiscal responsibility” but this is further proof that wasn’t the truth. It’s especially sleezy when former assistant district attorney Raymond Taffora, formerly in the attorney general’s office, is appointed to Walker’s case a mere month after he leaves the State Office. No surprise that Raymond Taffora won’t answer his phone.

  5. Love how Bill somehow forgets that Cullen Weston Pines & Bach is a well-known labor law firm which was defending the public employee unions in the lawsuit against the collective bargaining law. Of course they’d have axes to grind after that fight.

    But then again, Bill Lueders’ ‘isn’t a liberal.’ HA!

  6. Why wouldn’t reasons be stated for each contract? So much for transparent government. I wonder which of the contracts is for the “Emergency Manager” law that Walker is rumored to have in process–the one that allows him to remove elected local officials? This is the same law that Michigan’s governor put in place and that has already been implemented in Benton Harbor. Keep a watchful eye, Wisconsin.

  7. It is important for the public and the press to hold government to its promises of “transparency.” Keep this up, because it encourages your colleagues to do so and warns government that someone is watching.

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