4 thoughts on “Fatal blast at Wisconsin ‘model workplace’ raises questions about OSHA program

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  2. Safety programs by there nature strive for continuous improvement not instantaneous perfection. In most work places employers applaud the self starter, the motivated person who sees a problem and takes initiative to fix it. In a workplace where highly flammable chemicals are used there must also be a culture of ignition source awareness. Anything that makes sparks like grinding, torch cutting (open flame), or welding, must be absolutely prohibited unless hot work permits are used to ensure the workplace safe prior to using ignition sources. Good employees may bypass permits or workplace rules if they don’t understand what bad consequences may come from ignoring the rules. This is what makes training effective or not effective.

  3. Just like OSHA, a government agency supposedly helping this company to work out the kinks in its safety program, to turn their back on the company during this tragedy. OSHA is to blame as well.

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