6 thoughts on “Is money to blame for Supreme Court dysfunction?

  1. I read there was $5,000 reward for anyone witnessing a true statement from walker’s lips. I might know of a half true statement does that count? Walker stated in his campaign he would never do anything on Sunday or after 10pm. He said I tell my daughters nothing good happens after 10pm or Sundays. I found out later he has no daughters and everything he does is on Sunday or after 12pm. The true part is nothing good ever happens after 10pm. So far walker has done nothing good for Wisconsin.

  2. In other words, the Governor is criticizing the situation while doing all he can to make matters worse. The huge rush to issue an edict on a specific day solely to avoid having to add the union busting bill to the state budget was no random occurrence.

    A faction of the court was flailing about in a mad rush to head off another screaming crowd of 125,000.

    The gutting of the open meeting law means that now committee meetings with final votes can be called on a few minutes notice, without even a printed bill to read first.

    This travesty has shamed the Court, which now appears to be in the back pocket of Walker & CO..

  3. “others have portrayed the contact as defensive, as Bradley rushed toward Prosser “with fists raised.”

    It is disheartening to note that the propagandists have succeeded in inserting their confabulations, even here. Please do a detailed search of these “others” who “have portrayed the contact as defensive”. Hardly any has an ounce of credibility.

    Yet, they know how journalism works: repeat a lie long enough and loud enough and what was the testimony of a Supreme Court Justice become a case of “He Said She Said.”

    Thankfully, the law enforcement people in charge of the investigation have already proved they won’t be bullied around by extreme loudmouthed right-wing liars.

  4. If I may post again:

    “This is a controversial solution that takes control for picking justices away from the people.”

    What kind of control do the people REALLY have in picking justices? Doesn’t the Bret Benjamin case thought nothing to anyone?

    Moreover, no other Western democracy has a system of elected justices and none of these countries can be honestly characterized as a swamp of corruption and judicial malfeasance. As a matter of fact, letting polarized politicians kowtowing to their donors and their “base” adds absolutely nothing to the good administration of justice; quite the contrary, I daresay.

  5. Bill Lueders writes about the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

    “…its members are at each other’s throats — perhaps literally.”

    Actually only one member is accused of being at another’s throat. Money may be the problem in SC elections but the accused member seems to have another problem – controlling his anger and aggression.

    No one is accusing Gableman, Roggensack, Abrahamson or Bradley of choking another member of the court.

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