23 thoughts on “Analysis: Emails favored Walker 2-1

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  9. So why does it matter that e mails came from out of state. How many of the protestors that left the capitol a mess were from out of state…bought and paid for by your union dues people..

  10. I’m sure the number of out of state protesters far outweigh the number of supportive emails from out of state. The media has done an excellent job of making this issue seem as if most Americans side with the thug unions. Most people have a sense of fairness–and know that unions have pushed the taxpayers way too far.

  11. So Gov. Walker told the truth. That should have been the headline.
    “E-mail Analysis Confirm Walker’s Honesty.”

    “When the Center looked only at emails from Wisconsin, the margin was much slimmer, with 55 percent favoring his bill and 42 percent opposed… so, actually, this is close to what he was saying,” said Charles Franklin, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

    Watch-dogs my arse.

  12. Maybe I’m missing something or doing my math wrong?

    “When the Center looked only at emails from Wisconsin, the margin was much slimmer, with 55 percent favoring his bill and 42 percent opposed.”

    1910 e-mails considered.
    62% support = 1184
    32% oppose = 611

    67% (of 1184) in-state support = 793
    89% (of 611) in-state oppose = 544
    793 + 544 = 1337

    793/1337 = 59.3% of in-state support
    544/1337 = 40.7% of in-state oppose

    Unless you look at the total percentage of the affirmed support/oppose (1795 = 94% (62% + 32%) of 1910), in which case you get 793/1795 = 44% and 544/1795 = 30%.

    Either way, 55/42 doesn’t look right, but I just majored in math (engineers tend to do that, you know) so perhaps I’m a little rusty?

    • Hi Geministar, thanks for this. Here’s more data than you really want, but since you asked … The percentages draw from different subsets of the data; we only identified locations for 80 percent of the sample related to the bill, or 1493 emails. (The larger set was indeed 1910 — 1865 of which were related to the bill, though.)

      Of the 1078 related emails from WI folks, we found 598 for the bill, 451 against, 29 unclear.
      Of the 400 out-of-staters writing about the bill, we got 339 for the bill and 58 against it.

      Crunch away. – Kate Golden

  13. BTW, 55/42 is *not* a slim margin. Thirteen percent is pretty significant when you consider the difference in most elections is by 2-3%, so by contrast 13% is an ‘overwhelming’ majority using the hyperbole of this article.

  14. “The most prolific person sent at least 252 messages against the bill.”

    Aw, c’mon. Tell us who it was!

  15. It’s a question of whether taxpayers should enslave themselves to government sector unions in perpetuity. I suspect that most Wisconsin taxpayers — like most other taxpayers everywhere — do not wish to do so.

    I suggest a more honest poll which omits loaded phrases which favor the unionist cause, the next time the pollsters load up their PR weapons.

    As a host of bankrupted businesses, states, and municipalities can attest: unions do not know when to stop eating the life out of their hosts.

  16. No surprises here. On the ground in Wisconsin, there has always been a majority of taxpayers in great support of the bill, despite the union-organized protests against us.

  17. @ Bob, that poll was done after the the one week timeframe of these emails and was collected from Wisconsinites, not just people writing in to the Governor or people from out of state

  18. So, when Rachel Maddow ranted on claiming that the e-mails were “really” 5-1 against, she was lying through her teeth yet again?

  19. They only took a sample, other groups like the APt looked at ALL the emails, all 50,000 plus and they found a larger margin against the bill. It would be interesting to see what those same people would say now we know the truth about the budget cuts that have nothing to do with creating jobs or saving money but all about privatizing public services and pushing Dark Ages social agendas. Walker and the Fitzgerald three will have their day when they are booted out of public service. Yes they serve at the will of the people not the other way around.

  20. I know this is “after the fact” on your story regarding the emails of support to Mr. Walker, but I BELIEVE the poll does NOT tell all the facts!!! I am a Wisconsinite who emailed against Mr. Walker’s bill. Once I learned of his statement to go forward with it, I THEN turned my attention to the “Wisconsin 14” and was sending them emails of support to keep up the fight! It felt futile to email Mr. Walker any more as he already seemed bent on his attack of Unions. That is the ONLY TRUE reason that he didn’t hear any more from the majority of Wisconsinites!