One thought on “Wisconsin InfoLink: Gannett pulls 10 dailies from free PDF archive; using

  1. I realize this post is older than dirt, but I am outraged at this decision by Gannett. This was the only source available to research articles in their original format complete with photographs. I had been wanting to retrieve many articles I knew of featuring friends and family and had the link bookmarked for this purpose. Now I have no way of acquiring this, the local libraries definitely don’t have a searchable index nor digital quality material and I am not about to sift through a decade of microfilms. Their agreement with ProQuest appears at most to include full text but no images–and I don’t know how to access ProQuest with those resources since that was removed from Badgerlink. I am highly frustrated by Ganett and feel they continue to dig themselves into the ground with such business decisions (another being to double their print cost and charge even for basic online access).