4 thoughts on “For-profit college accused of operating illegally in Wisconsin

  1. You mention that Willes wants her $25,000 back and that she has borrowed the maximum amount she can from the federal government. The maximum amount that can be borrowed in federal student loans for an undergraduate degree is $57,500. What happend to the other $32,500 Willes must have borrowed? Did she attend another school prior to Westwood? If so, was it a for-profit, not for-profit, or public? If she did not attend another school, where did that money go? When considering Willes’s federal financial aid debt, more than half the money went somewhere other than Westwood, and it seems a valid question to ask where it was spent.

    • From http://studentaid.ed.gov/:

      “The actual amount you can borrow each year depends on your year in school, whether you are a dependent or independent student, and other factors, and may be less than the maximum amounts shown in the loan limit chart. Your school will determine what types of loans and how much you may borrow.”

      Also, $57k is the limit for a four-year program. Willes was enrolled in a three-year program.

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