2 thoughts on “Hope and benefits are running out for Rock County jobless

  1. Reading your story and listening to the video is just so sad. How can our country have been so rich for so many years and is now coming down to this. Do people get some type of perverse satisfaction out of someone else’s misery? If you have not achieved what someone else has, does it make you feel better to see them lose what they worked so hard to get?

    Here is a young family that is facing a crisis born out of our devastated economy with no apparent easy solution to correct the problem.

    I think this family is a microcosm of what this country is starting to go through. Like great nations of the past we may have reached the crest of our power and the decline is now starting to present itself. Our middle class has been financially devastated by the last administration’s fiscal and global policies. We currently find ourselves in an un-winable war which seems to be the route previous empires have followed. A long continuation of this war will eventually bankrupt this nation. And the people hurt the most will be the middle class….people like the Applebecks.

    Our nation is young when compared to Europe’s countries. Maybe we need to look back at their history to learn what we shouldn’t be doing. Or what we should be doing.

  2. The unemployment rate in Janesville is close to 28%. I have hired over 600 people over the last 13 years. I have never seen so many people out of work nationwide not just in rock county. In some cities unemployment is over 60%. The media lies and will soon be held accountable for those lies. 2 million jobs available for 20 to 25 million people in Usa either unemployed or underemployed. Highest unemployment in recorded history. people with mbas out of work over 2 years. The new normal is less employees more work.