15 thoughts on “Wisconsin dairy farms are growing — along with their immigrant work forces

  1. The use of the word “immigrant” is totally inappropriate here. The correct term is “illegal alien.” Investigative journalism? This is hogwash. WisconsinWatch is condoning the hiring of illegal aliens, circumventing the payment of incomes taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, minimum wage laws, and you have the nerve to justify it because these poor dairy farmers can only afford illegal labor? Hogwash! Illegal aliens are a drain on our society!
    Anyone who hires these illegal aliens are themselves breaking the law and need to be fined and held accountable. The mere presence of illegals depresses wages (because they will work for little money), drains taxpayer resources (food stamps and other entitlement programs to the anchor babies and others who present false SSNs), and those same illegals that present Social Security numbers are guilty of identity theft, a felony! I am ashamed that Wisconsin is a sanctuary state and resent my taxes going to pay for the state government furthering criminal acts at the expense of legal, law-abiding citizens. Shame on you! Our laws MUST be enforced.

    • Hello Janelle W.
      I can easily see that you’re not a dairy farmer,please spread your hate in another place!

      • No hate here – Just tired of having to follow our laws and illegals do not have to. President Big Ears
        has done more damage to our country than any other president and is incompetent

    • I agree 100% and have followed this issue since Reagan failed to protect border. The legal Mexicans who have live here for
      generations hate the illegals also. Jose Garcia my buddy in New Mexico said decades ago the solutions was to shoot one
      illegal every day and put them on the yellow stripe in the middle of the road they come into New Mexico
      too many cholos and tattoos third class country that Mexico

  2. leyendo su pagina en internet me entere qe en esa granja lechera podrian darme trabajo yo soy de mexico ya e trabajado en una granja en mn espero su respuesta graciss

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  4. hello quireria saver si tienen o conocen granjas en michigan que dan trabajo en las vacas porfavor respondan gracias…

  5. As a new Zealand dairy farmer, why do you need so many workers, i share milk a 50ha pasture based farm milking 200 cows twice a day in a 14ashb shed on my own, i do all the farm work, applicate fert, calve the cows etc…..i came from two man 80ha farm milking 330 cows twice a day on a 30ashb shed, my employer used to help with milking and tractor work, but that’s it, i have trouble understanding the US farming system, surely it cant be sustainable….

    • Heya, the answer to your perplexing concern about Farmers in the US. We like the idea of hiring people, to supply people with jobs in an ever changing, volatile, fragile & struggling economy that continues to limp along slower then a bottle blackstrap molasses is something to take pride in. It’s not because we are slackers.I currently run a small business and now the biggest concern here in the United States is finding people that actually want to work, not just get a job to collect a paycheck without ever actually utilizing the action adverb of WORK to their vocabulary. Many people hire from the immigrant work forces because many Americans are too good for these jobs…

  6. im going to live in waterloo in about a year LEGALLY. but getting my green card and work permit will take a while. I dont like much the idea of staying home alone while my husband is working in madison during the day. Also, i dont like the idea of depending on him. So, it could be an option for me, working illegally until i get my documents.

  7. I support deporting the 15 million brown skinned illegal Mexicans from our country immediately

  8. Meanwhile the community has to foot the bill for an increasing population that doesn’t and will not speak the language. Putting the school district alone on the hook for thousands of dollars of translation fees just on parent teacher conferences. I think that was the biggest surprise, the bankrupting of the local school district.