3 thoughts on “Wisconsin suicide toll rises, exceeds rates of neighboring states

  1. Sara, congratulations on a nice piece of work about the rise in suicides in Wisconsin. I used it in my advanced course on investigative and explanatory reporting and writing here at the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. You and your project were a big hit. I sincerely appreciate what WisconsinWatch is doing. Keep up the good work.
    Stephen J. Berry,
    Interim Executive Director,
    The Center for Public Affairs Journalsim

  2. Thank you Stephen for your kind words. I’m glad the piece was useful to you and your class!


  3. Thank you for the very informative article. I lost ym 19 year old nephew to suicide May 25, 2009. It is very hard to understand. It is also true that we need to do more to diminish the stigma. I am putting together an Out of the Darkness Community Walk through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Elkhorn, WI on Sept. 19, 2010 to raise money and awareness. With the money we raise we are hoping to start a local chapter of the AFSP, which will help with educating the community about suicide. If you know of anyone who might be interested the can go to outofthedarkness.org and search for the Elkhorn walk to donate or register to walk. If they you or they have questions I can be contacted at kldenius@tds.net. Thank you once again for bringing this topic to light.