4 thoughts on “Accidents in non-motorized boats often deadly

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  3. To identify risk factors predicting the involvement of boat operators in
    incidents resulting in at least one fatality, the authors obtained data from
    a mail survey of registered boat owners in the State of Ohio and from the
    Boating Accident Report (BAR) files for 1983
    86 compiled by the Ohio
    Department of Natural Resources. Additionally, they reviewed Ohio death
    certificates for those years to identify cases missed by the BAR system.
    Forty percent of the fatal incidents would have been missed by a search of
    death certificates alone.

  4. Wisconsin borders the 5th largest fresh water lake in the world and also has more lakes than almost every other state. As a result, the State also has a high number of boating accidentsboth motorized and nonmotorized. In 2008 Wisconsin had 20 deaths from boat accidents including 8 in nonmotorized boats. July is the most dangerous month of the year for Wisconsin boat accidents.

    Common accidents include: boats tipping or capsizing, no life jackets on board, drunk driving crashes, drownings near Dams, storms and waves causing the boat to capsize, and night time reckless driving. Other common accidents are caused by excessive speed, negligent driving, operating with persons on the bow, deck or gunwale, overloading, poor navigation, skiing and towing, and collisions with other watercraft. Some of the worst injuires are caused by the propeller when the driver fails to maintain an adequate lookout.
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